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 StenHellstrom Oct 17 1995Jun 30 2099Sweden, Kingdom Of ESD-00067-NE
 PhilipHung Woon Che Jul 13 2006Jun 30 2099Singapore, Republic Of ESD-00527-NE
 RaeLevy May 24 2000Jun 30 2099United States of AmericaFLESD-00318-NE
 JuliePedersen Apr 23 1999Apr 30 2055United States of AmericaWIESD-00293-NE
 RobertRenker Aug 09 1995Jun 30 2099United States of AmericaTXESD-00043-NE
 AblaSaouda Jan 17 2012Jan 31 2099United States of AmericaMIEMCD-00229-E
 RosarioScimeca Oct 12 1995Jun 30 2099United States of AmericaILESD-00184-NE
 KimballWilliams Jan 30 1996Jun 30 2099United States of AmericaMIESD-00189-NE
 StevenWyman Feb 02 1996Jun 30 2099United States of AmericaILESD-00201-NE
 ElyaJoffe Dec 15 2011Dec 15 2099Israel, State of EMCD-00058-ME
 DonaldKerns Feb 03 2012Feb 03 2099United States of AmericaNJEMCD-00071-ME
 JamesLukash Jul 08 2014Jul 08 2099United States of AmericaCAEMCD-00179-ME
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